IB Concentration Requirements


Integrative Biology requires a minimum of 13 courses.  These courses all have to be taken for a letter grade (except for courses taken in Spring '20.  For Spring '20, courses taken SEM/UEM fulfill concentration requirements)

Category Courses

LS 1a or LPSA or LS 50a

LS 1b or LS 50b

OEB 10

Mid Level

Any three from:

OEB 11, OEB 50, OEB 51, OEB 52, OEB 53, OEB 54, OEB 55, OEB 56, OEB (Neuro) 57, OEB 58, OEB 59, OEB 60, OEB 65

LS 2, SCRB 10, MCB 60, MCB 63, MCB (Neuro) 80

Advanced Level Biology  Any three courses from the offerings of OEB, SCRB, MCB, LS, Neuro, or HEB that are not listed as fulfilling the Mid Level or Introductory requirements.  Only one OEB 99r may count toward this category.
Related Fields Any four courses from the offerings of Phys, Chem, PS, Math (above the level of Math 1a), CS (above the level of CS 1), App Math, App Phys, Stat.


For a full description of the IB Concentration, go directly to the Student Handbook.


1. IB permits overseas credit, but the program of study must be approved beforehand by the Head Tutor or Assistant Head Tutor.
2. Cross-registration. To take courses for credit at MIT or elsewhere, students must make a compelling case to the Head Tutor or Assistant Head Tutor that the equivalent is not available at Harvard and that the level is appropriate to Harvard.
3. Harvard Summer School. These courses may be considered appropriate for credit in IB; petitions should be addressed to the Head Tutor or Assistant Head Tutor.


AP courses do not count for credit in the IB concentration. However, AP courses may allow you to enroll in higher level courses in Math, Physics and Chemistry to satisfy the related field requirement.