Science Education Office

Walking Directions to the Office of Science Education
BioLabs Room 1087
16 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

From Harvard Yard:  Exit the North side of Harvard Yard though the gates closest to the Science Center, and keep walking until you reach the Science Center.  Turn right and walk along the Science Center until you reach the intersection of Oxford Street and Kirkland Street.  Keep walking straight along Kirkland Street, along the side of Memorial Hall.  When you reach the traffic light, cross to the opposite side of the street and turn left on Divinity Ave.  The BioLabs are located at the end of Divinity Ave.  Enter the courtyard of the building, and head to the main doors by the rhino statues.  Once you enter the building, head to the left; Room 1087 is halfway down the hall on your left. 

From the garage at 52 Oxford Street/ the Northwest Building:
From the garage, go up to the ground floor and out the doors on your right.  If you walk straight for a couple of minutes, this will take you to a small path between two buildings.  Continue on this path.  You will then find yourself at the end of Divinity Ave, and the BioLabs courtyard will be on your left.  Enter the BioLabs through the main doors by the rhino statues, turn to the left, and Room 1087 is halfway down the hall on the left.

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