If you are curious about how life works, then you should explore the Life Sciences at Harvard!

Life sciences concentrators at Harvard study many different things.  You might choose to focus on the molecules that make up living organisms, or you might choose to examine how complex organisms develop from a single cell.  Maybe you are interested in the enigma of how the brain works, or how complex behaviors have evolved.  Perhaps you are interested in examining the diversity of life on earth, from microbes to marine mammals.  You might be fascinated by the relationship between DNA and proteins, and how this is affected by mutations.  Perhaps you are interested in the rational design of drugs or medical devices.  Regardless of what most excites you, you can find your place in the life sciences cluster.

First year students who are interested in the life sciences begin with a set of foundational courses.  Second year students then choose between courses that serve as portals to the various concentrations, and then proceed to more advanced classes.  Additionally, we encourage you to get involved with research during your time at Harvard.