Chemistry and Physics

Physics and Chemistry are intellectual neighbors, sharing a large and somewhat arbitrary boundary. Scientists in this exciting boundary area study many of the same systems.  They use many of the same experimental and theoretical tools. The concentration in Chemistry and Physics is supervised by a committee comprised of members of the Departments of Physics and of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and is administered through the office of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. As the name suggests, the concentration has been established to serve students wishing to explore this boundary who need to develop a strong foundation in both physics and chemistry. Because of the need to cover a wide range of material in considerable depth, only an honors-eligible program is available in this concentration.

The requirements of the Chemistry and Physics concentration are designed to provide a solid foundation for further study in either or both of these two closely related sciences. Concentrators have gone on to graduate work and careers in chemistry, physics, and other quantitative fields. The concentration is also often chosen by students whose career goals lie in medicine. In addition, the intellectual disciplines involved provide a suitable background for careers in many different professions. Departmental Website