We're Here to Help

student and advisor

A team of advisors is here to help you.  Each life sciences concentration has one or two advisors who will work with you to explore your interests within a particular concentration and to explore your interests across the cluster.  The advisors are experienced scientists and educators who are dedicated to working with students.

If you are a freshman or sophomore, feel free to talk with any of the life sciences advisors; they are all here to support you and help you find the path that is best for you.  After you declare a concentration, your concentration advisor will be your primary advisor until you graduate.

The advisor is the person who signs your study card and other paperwork, but their primary goal is to help you make academic choices.  To make the most of the advising relationship, spend time getting to know your advisor.  Visit them throughout the semester, not just when deadlines are looming.  In turn, this will allow your advisor to help you make academic choices that are right for you.

Other important people in the life sciences concentrations:

    • The Science Undergraduate Research Advisor.  If you would like help getting started in research or applying for funding, or if you need advice about dealing with challenges with your research experience, we encourage you to talk with our Research Advisor.

    • The Head Tutors.  Each concentration has one or two faculty Head Tutors, who are integral in setting the direction and policies for the concentration.  They are also happy to meet with students.

    • The program coordinators.  The program coordinators ensure that the life sciences concentrations run smoothly.  They provide logistical support for concentrations, and they enjoy helping to build community among concentrators.  Stop by your concentration’s undergraduate office to introduce yourself!