Advanced Courses

Beyond the foundational courses and the gateway courses, you can choose from a wide array of life sciences courses.  Intermediate-level courses (typically those with numbers below 100) allow you to explore fundamental concepts from a variety of fields, ranging from plant biology to biochemistry.  Upper-level courses (typically those with numbers over 100) delve into topics in more depth. These classes often emphasize reading and analyzing the primary literature, and many include writing and speaking components.  For example, you might write a grant proposal to investigate an intriguing scientific question, and you might give a presentation in which you explain a recent scientific discovery to your classmates. 

In addition to life sciences courses offered in Cambridge, some students enroll in courses offered through the Division of Medical Sciences at Harvard Medical School.  Travel to the HMS campus is often required for those courses; a free shuttle is available. 

The links below contain listings of advanced courses that are relevant to each of the life sciences concentrations: