For Sophomores

Sophomore year is an exciting time, as you begin to identify your academic interests and find an academic home at Harvard.

Many of the life sciences concentrations offer portal courses for fall semester sophomores; these courses introduce concepts and ways of thinking that are fundamental to each concentration. Therefore, you should think carefully about your potential concentration before the fall semester begins.  Based on your potential concentration, you may also wish to enroll in courses in related fields, such as mathematics, chemistry, or statistics.  For guidance with concentration and course selection, we encourage you to talk with a life sciences advisor before start of the fall semester.

Students declare a concentration in November of the sophomore year.  In preparation for this, you will develop a four-year plan of study that lists the courses you intend to take during your time at Harvard.  The life sciences advisors will work with you to craft a plan of study that best suits your interests.  We encourage you to make an appointment to talk with an advisor early in the fall, rather than waiting for the concentration declaration deadline.

Additional Resources of Interest:
 We recommend that you take a look at the Life Sciences Advising Booklet (right) to learn about the life sciences concentrations and recommended courses.  The Advising Programs Office (APO) website also has information about all of the concentrations at Harvard.

Mailing List:  Please sign up for our life sciences mailing list so that we can keep you apprised of events and advising opportunities.