CNEP Info for Sophomores

The Cognitive Neuroscience & Evolutionary Psychology track in Psychology examines the interplay between traditional interests in psychology (e.g. vision, memory, language, emotion, human development, social interactions, intergroup relations, psychological disorders) and recent developments in neuroscience and evolutionary science.

For more information, please contact us.

Also see the Psychology undergraduate website to identify the psychology concentration advisor for your House.

Suggested courses for your sophomore year:

  • Psychology 975 (fall or spring)
  • Stat 101 or Psych 1900 (fall or spring)
  • One of the following: Psychology 14, Psychology 15, Psychology 18, MCB 80, or Science of Living Systems 15

In addition, you should peruse the list of faculty research interests to gain an understanding of the areas of research that may be of special interest if you are interested in working in a lab.

Please also visit the Psychology Undergraduate Program website.