HEB Course List 2017-18

REV 2017-06-26

Human Evolutionary Biology
2017-2018 Course List
Note: very early version; courses are subject to change

For advice, contact:

• Dr. Carole Hooven, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, hooven@fas.harvard.edu
• Dr. Bridget Alex, Associate Concentration Advisor, balex@fas.harvard.edu





Course meeting time

HEB requirement


HEB 91r

Supervised Reading and Research

Carole Hooven



FALL 2017

HEB 99a

Tutorial - Senior Year (w/writing skills component)

Nick Holowka




HEB 1250

Genetics and Human Evolution (new intro-level seminar, limited to 12)

Amanda Lobell

Thurs 2-4



HEB 1310

Hormones and Behavior (lecture course w/weekly discussion sections)

Carole Hooven

M/W 11-12:30 + discussions

Behavior OR A&P (this semester only)


HEB 1313

Stress (limited to 10)

Judith Flynn

Thurs 3-5 or Friday afternoons



HEB 1323

The Science and History of Alcohol (seminar)

Noreen Tuross and Linda Reynard

MW 11-12:30



HEB 1328

The Physician and the Evolutionary Biologist

Barbara Natterson-Horwitz

Tues/Thurs 1-2:30



HEB 1410

Gut Microbiome and Human Health

Rachel Carmody

Thurs 2-4

Junior Research Seminar


HEB 1418

Research methods in endocrinology (limited to 8)

Susan Lipson

MWF 11-12 + Section

Junior Research Seminar


HEB 1426

Becoming Human: New Techniques to Investigate an Ancient Story

Kate Carter

MW 1-2:30



HEB 1480

Building the Human Body (limited to 12, seminar with weekly lab section on Wednesdays)

Terry Capellini, Neil Roach

Tues/Thurs 10-11:30 + Thurs 1-2:30 Labs

Junior Research Seminar


HEB 1600

Evolutionary Generics of Complex Human Traits (seminar)

Maryellen Ruvolo

Wednesday 1-4



HEB 3200

Graduate Seminar in Human Evolutionary Biology

David Pilbeam

Tues 1-3



HEB 1285

Course on Human population biology (title TBD)

Lara Durgavich


Junior Research Seminar









Life Sciences: Evolutionary Human Physiology and Anatomy (lecture course w/ 3-hour lab research section)

Dan Lieberman, Andy Biewener, George Lauder

Not a part of the HEB course catalog












Course meeting time

HEB requirement


HEB 97

Sophomore Tutorial

Bridget Alex




HEB 99b

Tutorial - Senior Year

Nick Holowka




HEB 1210

Research in Comparative Biomechanics: Seminar (limited to 8)

Katie Zink, Nick Holowka


Junior Research Seminar


HEB 1312

Sexuality (limited to 10)

Judith Flynn

Thurs 3-5 (or Friday afternoon)



HEB 1330

Primate Social Behavior (lecture course w/ lab sections, HEB 1280 prerequisite)

Richard Wrangham, Vivek Venkataraman

MWF 11-12



HEB 1361

Hormones and Life History (intro-level lecture course w/ seminar section)

Peter Ellison, Susan Lipson

M 1-2:30 + W 1-2:30



HEB 1362

Hunter Gatherers

Vivek Venkataraman

Tues 2-4:30

Junior Research Seminar


HEB 1389

Coming of Age on Planet Earth

Barbara Natterson-Horwitz

Tues/Thurs 1-2:30



HEB 1412

Human Energetics Seminar

Linda Reynard


Junior Research Seminar[?]


HEB 1420

Human Evolutionary Anatomy (lecture course w/lab sections)

Neil Roach

Tu/Th 1-2:30



HEB 1451

Primate functional genetics and genomics

Terrence Capellini

Tu/Th 10-11:30

Junior Research Seminar[?]


HEB 1610

Genes and Human Adaptations

Maryellen Ruvolo

W 1-4



HEB 2460

Graduate seminar in human evolution

Kate Carter