HEB Course List 2020-21

ver. 2021-01-11

Human Evolutionary Biology
2020-21 Course List
Note: courses are subject to change

For advice, contact:
Dr. Carole Hooven, Concentration Advisor/Co-DUS, hooven@fas.harvard.edu
• Dr. Neil Roach, Concentration Advisor, ntroach@fas.harvard.edu

(UL=Upper Level, JRS=Junior Research Seminar)

Department of Human Evolutionary Biology (HEB) course schedule, Spring term 2021

Note: courses are subject to change

Course Number Course Title Instructor(s) Time Location Requirement
91r Supervised Reading and Research Neil Roach, Jo Clark-Matott TBD online UL, JRS
97 Sophomore Tutorial Daniel Green TBD online Tutorial
99B Senior Thesis Sarah Kessler TBD online  
1210 Experimental Biomechanics and Physiology (limited to 8) Andrew Yegian, Sarah Kessler Tu/Th 1:30–2:45 online JRS, UL
1310 Hormones & Human Behavior Carole Hooven

Tu/Th 10:30–11:45



1317 Evolution, Anatomy, and Physiology of Sleep (limited to 8) Jo Clark-Matott M/W 10:30–11:45 online JRS
1334 Grunts, Gurgles, and Grammar: Primate Communication and the Origins of Language (limited to 15) Isaac Schamberg Tu 3–5:45 online  
1339 The Human Brain in the Animal Kingdom Erin Hecht M/W 10:30–11:45 online  
1387 Origins of Human Physiologic Synchronization (limited to 4) Barbara Natterson-Horowitz W/F 12–1:15 online UL
1410 Gut Microbiome & Human Health Rachel Carmody Th 12-2 online JRS, UL
1420 Human Anatomy Neil Roach, Jo Clark-Matott Tu/Th 1:30–2:45 online Anat/Phys, UL
1451 Primate Genetics and Genomics Terry Capellini Tu/Th 10:30–11:45 online UL
1610 Genes and Human Adaptations (limited to 8) Maryellen Ruvolo M/W 12–1:15 online UL
LS 1b Intro to Life Sciences Hoekstra, Berry, Sabeti, Park, Gharaei Tu/Th 1:30–2:45 online  
GEN 1027 Human Evolution and Human Health Dan Lieberman M/W 3–4:15 online Evolution
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