HEB How to Declare

1. Review our concentration requirements on the Life Sciences site. You will find these requirements worksheets useful in helping you to figure out which courses fit where and when: HEB requirements worksheet and HEB Requirements Worksheet, Mind/Brain/Behavior Track.  

2. Use this Qualtrics HEB Declaration Form to draft your 8-semester plan. Be sure to include all of the courses you’ll need to complete requirements for your degree. The non-honors track in HEB requires the completion of 13 courses, so be sure you include those 13 courses in your overall plan. [Note that this declaration isn't chiseled in stone; it doesn't need to be perfect. We understand that as you progress through the concentration, your interests will probably evolve.]

3. Meet with Dr. Hooven! During the 2021-22 year, as the above Declaration Form will be completed via Qualtrics, a copy of your plans will be forwarded to Dr. Hooven. Discuss your plans and interests when you meet her—consult the "Contact Us" page to set up a meeting.

4. Submit a Declaration of Concentration request on my.harvard (instructions here), which Dr. Hooven will approve.

5. Celebrate! – you’re part of the HEB community!

Welcome to HEB!

— Dr. Carole Hooven, HEB Concentration Advisor and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies