Highlights from the 2015 Life Sciences Spring Bash

by Margaret A. Lynch

Piglets, bunnies, goats, and ducklings frolicking in the BioLabs courtyard?

These creatures added to the convivial scene at the Second Annual Life Sciences Spring Bash. Under partially sunny skies on a Friday afternoon in early May, hundreds of undergraduates, advisors, staff, and faculty gathered in the BioLabs Courtyard to celebrate the Life Sciences Community at Harvard. The Life Sciences Student Advisory Board, a committee of undergraduate Life Sciences concentrators, and the Life Sciences Undergraduate Education Office organized and sponsored the event.

Attendees had their choice of festivities. Many congregated toward the petting zoo, a perennial favorite. Those seeking calm held one of the baby bunnies. Those seeking excitement gravitated toward the energetic goats, who jumped the fence a few times (and were promptly placed back inside).

Laura Chivers, PhD, the Undergraduate Advising Administrator for Psychology


Over a hundred students finished a scavenger hunt that challenged them to meet people and advisors from the different Life Sciences concentrations. The prize for successful completion was a Harvard Life Sciences T-shirt designed especially for the event by MCB Concentrator Joseph Botros, Class of 2016.

MCB concentrator and T-shirt designer Joseph Botros, 2016

To replenish their energy, students could choose from a banquet of noodle dishes followed by ice cream, frozen yogurt, or cookies. Music by DJ Vivek Jayaram, 2017 provided an additional energy boost.

Life Sciences Student Advisory Board member Madeline Cooper, BME 2016


The Life Sciences Spring Bash furthers the mission of the LS Student Advisory Board. The Board “enhances the sense of a life science community and identity for undergraduates” and seeks new members every year.

Students who actively participated in planning and organizing the 2015 Spring Bash included: Gabriel Amador, OEB 2016; Madeline Cooper, BME 2016; Franchesca Diaz, HEB 2016; Brendan Eappen, Psych 2016; Jack Huang, MCB 2016; Li Murphy, OEB 2015; Melisa Noriega, NB 2015; Tola Omilana, BME 2016; Julia Pian, CPB 2015; Preeti Srinivasan, Psych 2016; Latoya Stewart, HDRB 2015; Olive Tang, MCB 2015, and Ved Topkar, CPB 2016.

Interested in finding out more about the Life Sciences Student Advisory Board? Contact Margaret A. Lynch for more information