CPB Office Hours

Fall 2016 Advising

Please come and hang out with us! Our concentration office includes multiple study rooms you can borrow whenever you like, a small library with past theses and computers for your use, an abundance of snacks and candy and coffee for your nutritional needs, and a right-handed single-stranded helical staircase! We want you to feel welcome to gather here to chat or study in between classes, meals, lab, etc.

Marty's open advising hours are:
Mondays 11am-1pm
Tuesdays 9-11am
Thursdays 3-5pm (tea time)
***Or if you'd prefer to make an appointment, please email either Marty or Lisa with 3-4 blocks of time when you are available and she will happily use that information to fit you into his schedule. Directions to the concentration office are posted here.***