CPB Office Hours

Fall 2016 Advising

Study cards are due to the registrar by 5pm on Thursday, September 8.  All MCB and CPB concentrators must meet with Marty to discuss their courses for the Fall 2016 semester, and for his approval of their study cards.  Marty will be hosting advising hours on the following dates:

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 9am-12noon & 1pm-5pm
Wednesday, Aug. 31, 12pm-2:45pm
Thursday, Sept. 1, 9am-12noon & 1pm-5pm
Friday, Sept. 2, 12pm-1:45pm & 3:15-5pm
Monday, Sept. 5 (LABOR DAY), 2pm-5pm
Tuesday, Sept. 6, 9am-3:30pm*** BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (email Lisa to make an appointment)
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 11:30am-2:45pm*** BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (email Lisa to make an appointment)
                                   5pm-7pm POPEYE'S FRIED CHICKEN AND STUDY CARD PARTY!
Thursday, Sept. 8, 9am-4:30pm

NOTE: Because of how many students Marty has to meet with, discussions this week must be limited to questions about course selection only. Make an appointment for *after* study card week if you want to talk to Marty about summer research, labs, the meaning of life, etc. 

**** To make an appointment with Marty to discuss your study card, please email Lisa with 3-4 blocks of time when you are available and she will happily use that information to fit you into his schedule. Directions to the concentration office are posted here. ****