Transportation for Researchers

M2 Shuttle service

M2 Shuttle provides free service for Harvard students to Longwood Medical Area and MIT.  Click here for more information and the schedule.

T Pass Program

The Office of Undergraduate Science Education encourages Harvard undergraduates to pursue research opportunities at laboratories that best suit their interests, regardless of location.  Realizing that the cost of a T pass can quickly add up, we have created a fund to cover the cost of the T for students who are working in off-campus research laboratories that are not serviced by the M2 shuttle. Eligible laboratories include those located at Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean Hospital, the Broad Institute, and the Arnold Arboretum.

How do you participate in the T pass program?

  • If you are currently enrolled in a departmental research course (e.g. MCB 91r,  SCRB 99, Neurobiology 98, etc) and your laboratory is located off campus and not at the HMS quad, you are automatically eligible.
  • If you are not currently enrolled in a departmental research course and your laboratory is located off campus and not at the HMS quad, fill out the T Pass Eligibility Form, ask your P.I. to sign it, and turn it in to one of the life sciences education offices.

What students are eligible for the program?

Any student conducting science research at an off-campus, MBTA-accessible laboratory is eligible, regardless of year in school or concentration. 

How do I obtain a pass or get reimbursed for my T pass?

You should determine how often you go to the lab. 

  • If you go four times or more per week, you should buy a monthly T pass at any T station for $84.50.  Keep your receipt and bring it to Lisa Fountain (Sherman Fairchild Room 195) or James Poolner (BioLabs Room 1082C) for reimbursement.
  • If you go less frequently, visit one of the life sciences education offices (see below) to pick up a prepaid Charlie Card, which will allow you to ride the T 30 times.  When you have used up the Charlie Card, stop by the office to pick up a new one.

Where should I go to get a T Pass or be reimbursed for a T Pass that I purchased?

There are two offices that can help you with your T pass.  If you have declared a concentration, you should go to the office affiliated with your concentration; non-concentrators may visit either office.

  • The Concentration Office for MCB, CPB, and HDRB is located in Sherman Fairchild Room 195. See map for directions.
  • The Life Sciences Undergraduate Office for IB/OEB, Neurobiology, and HEB  is located in the BioLabs Room 1082C.  James Poolner's regular office hours during term-time are 10AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Can I receive a T pass for summer research?

The T pass program is designed for term-time research only.  However, if you have extenuating financial circumstances, please send an email to Margaret Lynch, Associate Director of Science Education.  We will consider requests on a case-by-case basis.


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