HDRB Office Hours


All sophomore and junior HDRB concentrators must meet with Bill prior to the plan of study deadline for spring semester course registration, which is Friday, Feb 1, by 5pm.

To schedule an individual, 20 minute appointment with Bill to get your study card approved, please follow this link.  Appointments are from Tuesday, 1/22 - Friday, 2/1.


Senior HDRB concentrators who have fulfilled all concentration requirements will have the hold released on their study card at the start of registration period, but plan on scheduling a meeting with Bill during weeks 2-3 of class.  Those who still have requirements to fulfill must meet with Lisa in order to have the hold on their Crimson Cart released before registration period ends.  

Email lisa_fountain@harvard.edu with your availability to schedule your final advising meeting, prior to 2/1.


Because of how many students Bill must meet with prior to study card day, conversations during these meetings must be limited to course selection only.  

If you would like to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss labs, or thesis, or just life in general, please contact Lisa (lisa_fountain@harvard.com) with several days and times when you are available, and she will find a place on Bill's calendar for you!