Funding for Student Research

The programs listed below are intended for faculty seeking funding to support undergraduate research. A comprehensive list of funding resources for students is listed here.

Faculty Aide Program

Faculty Aide Program

The Faculty Aide Program provides half a student's wage, with the professor or academic department paying the other half. The Faculty Aide Program will match up to $1500 during the academic year and summer. A student can earn up to a total of $3000 for the academic year and summer. Faculty members may hire up to two students during either award period. If hiring more than 2 students, a separate application must be submitted for approval by the Student Employment Office. Approved applicants are awarded one $1500 grant to be used by one student or divided among several. Faculty may not receive more than one Faculty Aide award of $1500. Each dollar earned by the Faculty Aide(s) must be matched by the faculty member. To participate in this program, Harvard faculty members apply to the Student Employment Office using the FAP application form. Applications will only be accepted once a student(s) has been hired.

Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work-Study Program for Undergraduates

The Federal Work-Study Program (also known as FWSP or "Work-Study") is an employment program for some, but not all, financial aid recipients. Through FWSP, the federal government pays from 50% to 100% of an eligible student's wages, making it easier for an employer to hire a student or a student to find the right job. The standard federal share for on-campus and most off-campus positions in non-profit organizations is 70%. On-campus employers during the summer and all off-campus employers also contribute from 5-10% for fringe benefits.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships available to Harvard Undergraduates

This is a list of fellowships to support undergraduate research in the lab. Most of these fellowships are for summer stipends for undergraduates working in Harvard labs, but there are a few that support work in labs outside of Harvard. The Harvard College Research Program (HCRP) also may be used for term time stipends.