Funding for Research at Harvard

Harvard College Research Opportunities Database

CARAT – Common Application for Research and Travel which is used by all the major funding sources at Harvard.

PRISE – Harvard College students, summer residential program + stipend + earnings requirement. Do not need to have summer plans finalized by mid-Feb but must be in the process of finding a lab position.

Deadline: February 19, 2013

Harvard College Research Program (HCRP) – Summer (or term time) stipend. Applications from the Student Employment Office. NB location now 86 Brattle St, beyond the ART.

Deadline: Fall 2012 - Sept 19, Spring 2013 - Jan. 30, Summer 2013 - March 27.

Herchel Smith Summer Fellowship – Undergraduate research either at Harvard or elsewhere. Applications from OCS.

Deadline: February 13, 2013

Dean’s Summer Research Awards – support for summer earnings requirement for rising seniors who are working on their thesis. Applications from the SEO. NB location now 86 Brattle St. beyond the ART

Deadline: March 27, 2013

Mind, Brain, Behavior – Summer support for rising senior in MBB track. Applications through MBB.

Deadline: March 27, 2013

Harvard Stem Cell Institute – for students who are doing research in labs affiliated with the HSCI. Completed applications should be emailed to Maureen Herrmann. Students apply to the program and then are placed in labs.

Deadline: February 6, 2013

FAS Systems Biology/Bauer Fellowship - Sponsored by the FAS Center for Systems Biology.

Deadline: Mid-February, 2013

Harvard Medical School Immunolgy Summer Program - Ms. Susan Fahlbeck, Program Administrator.

Deadline: November 15, 2012

Institute of Politics Director's Internship Program- paid summer internships each year for Harvard undergraduates interested in pursuing careers in politics or public service.

Deadline: February 6, 2013

Harvard Global Health Institute Summer Undergraduate Fellowship (SURF) For students engaged in scholarly research with a faculty mentor at a participating laboratory or research site.

Deadline: I-SURF February 3, 2013; SURF February 15, 2013;

Other funding requests February 15, 2013

The Joey Hanzich Memorial Undergraduate Travel and Research Fellowship provides up to $5000 to a rising junior or rising senior enrolled in the Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy (or another field) who pursues a summer internship, project or research in health policy or global health, either in the United States or abroad.

Deadline: Early April, 2013.

Microbial Sciences Initiative - Summer research with Harvard Faculty. Email applications to Dr. Karen Lachmayr.

Deadline: February 19, 2013

MCZ Grants-in-Aid for Undergraduate Research - Applications (5 printed copies) can be dropped-off/ mailed to: Catherine Weisel MCZ Projects Coordinator, 26 Oxford St., Cambridge. Questions should be directed to Catherine at 495-2460.

Deadline: September 19, 2012 for fall term; January 30, 2013 for spring term; March 27, 2013 for summer.

Ernst Mayer Travel Grants in Animal Systematics

Deadline: October 15, 2012 and April 1, 2013

Harvard Forest Summer Research Program in Ecology - Project descriptions and applications available after Dec 1, 2011.

Deadline: Opens Dec. 1, 2012 and closes February 1, 2013

Harvard University Center for the Environment Undergraduate Fund – HUCE The grants are intended to support research related to the environment, with a preference given to rising seniors seeking funds for senior honors thesis research. Award amounts are normally between $500-$2,500.

Lorraine Maffeo, Environmental Science and Public Policy, Coordinator (617) 496-6995.

Environmental Science and Public Policy 24 Oxford Street, 3rd Floor Cambridge, MA 02138

Deadline: March 20, 2013

Harvard School of Public Health Summer Program in Biological Sciences - This intensive 9 week laboratory-based biological research program is for undergraduate students during the summer following their sophomore or junior year.  Interns apply state-of-the art technology in their own research projects, which focus on biological science questions that are important to the prevention of disease, under the direction of a Harvard faculty member.

Interns receive a generous stipend, travel allowance and free dormitory housing.

Deadline: February 1, 2013 

Funding for Research Away from Harvard

NSF REU in Cell and Molecular Visualization at Brandeis University - Brandeis University seeks qualified applicants for an NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program in the Biological Sciences for a 10-week period (June 1 - August 5, 2011). Stipends of $5000, plus housing costs and meal allowances will be awarded to each participant.

Deadline: February 15, 2013

David Rockefeller International Experience Grants Program – The purpose of the grant is to afford all students the opportunity to take part in a significant international experience, regardless of financial background.

Deadline: February 10, 2012 for non-Summer School programs

February 17, 2012 for Harvard Summer School Study Abroad Programs and non-Harvard study abroad programs.

Herchel Smith Summer Fellowship – Undergraduate research either at Harvard or elsewhere. Applications from OCS.

Deadline: February 13, 2013

Weissman International Internship – Research abroad for rising sophomore or junior. Average award ~$4000. Applications through OCS.

Deadline: February 15, 2013

Booth Fund Fellowship - For seniors to engage in a program of travel, study, research or observation that will further expand and challenge an existing interest in a particular field.

Deadline: March 16, 2012 

Organization for Tropical Studies - Duke University Field Course Travel to Costa Rica or South Africa.

Deadline: Opens February 1, 2013, rolling admissions close March 1, 2013 for summer 2013

Radcliffe Fellowships - For a “purposeful summer”. Average award $2000. Application through OCS.

Deadline: 2013 - TBA

Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Public Service Fellowships – Funding for community or public service projects during a summer or leave of absence or immediately following graduation. Open to current juniors and seniors. Applications from OCS.

Deadline: 2013 - TBA

RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) – Germany provides undergraduates with an opportunity to work in Germany on projects in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, and Physics. Participants receive a stipend and housing assistance.

Deadline: Online applications open Dec 6, 2012 and close Jan. 31, 2013

The Pasteur Foundation Undergraduate Summer Internships – Paris, France.

Pasteur Foundation LinkedIn

Deadline: December 21, 2012

Amgen Scholars Program for Summer Research - The Amgen Scholars Program is sponsored by grants from the Amgen Corporation. These grants provide $4,000 stipends plus board to qualified undergraduates to perform biology-related research in laboratories at 10 major research universities across the US. In addition to working on original research, the students will have weekly meetings with other undergraduates in the program to discuss and present their work.

Deadline: Early February 2013 for US host universities except Cal Tech where the deadline is mid-February.

Cold Spring Harbor Undergraduate Research Program (URP) - June 4 – August 10, 2013 at Cold Spring Harbor. Room, board and $4000 stipend for sophomore or junior.

Deadline: January 15, 2013

NSF REU Program

The National Science Foundation funds a large number of research opportunities for undergraduate students through its REU Sites program. An REU Site consists of a group of ten or so undergraduates who work in the research programs of the host institution. Each student is associated with a specific research project, where he/she works closely with the faculty and other researchers. Students are granted stipends and, in many cases, assistance with housing and travel. Undergraduate students supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. An REU Site may be at either a US or foreign location. By using the web page, Search, you may examine opportunities in the subject areas supported by various NSF units. Also, you may search by keywords to identify sites in particular research areas or with certain features, such as a particular location. Students must contact the individual sites for information and application materials. NSF does not have application materials and does not select student participants. A contact person and contact information is listed for each site.

Deadlines: Vary according to research site.

NIH Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research - Summer programs at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provide an opportunity to spend a summer working side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in the world, in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research.  Applications are accepted beginning mid-November.

Deadline:  March 1, 2013. 

The Columbia University IGERT on Optical Techniques for Actuation, Sensing, and Imaging of Biological Systems (BioIGERT), a National Science Foundation IGERT program, will support outstanding undergraduates as Summer Research Fellows for the period from May 27 through August 4, 2012. This program provides a $4000 stipend for each successful candidate and free campus housing (worth $2700) in which you are expected to reside. Those selected will have an opportunity to participate fully in the interdisciplinary research activities of the BioIGERT faculty across the Departments of Physics, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, and includes collaborative research with industry including IBM Yorktown Heights.

Deadline: February 14, 2013

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