Past Events

  • 2013 Nov 22

    OCS Summer Funding Informational Sessions

    Fri - Fri, Nov 22 to Dec 13, 2:00pm - 3:00pm


    OCS Seminar Room

    Learn about summer funding options for study abroad, research internships and volunteer programs.

    Sessions held daily (Monday-Friday) at 2 and 3 pm until December 13

  • 2013 Oct 16

    Thesis Writing Workshops


    Workshop I

    The first workshop is designed to help students start thinking about the writing process and link it back to writing they have done for courses, both in the sciences and in other fields. We will discuss how to write for a scientific audience without using field-specific jargon.  We will examine the structure of the introduction and how to transition to the next portion of the thesis.  We will also look at samples of student writing and discuss how to better communicate those ideas in writing.

    Workshop II

    This workshop will...

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  • 2013 May 13

    Graduate Student Workshop on Scientific Teaching

    (All day)


    Derek Bok Center

    Graduate Student Workshop on Scientific Teaching

    The graduate student workshop counts towards the Bok Center's Teaching Certificate.  
    Click here for more information about the Teaching Certificate. 

    If you have a Harvard ID, you may log in (upper right hand corner of the screen) to see
    the presentations from the 2013 graduate student workshop.

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