Posters on the Hill in Washington DC: April 19-20, 2016

Imagine undergraduate researchers animatedly explaining their research to members of the United States Congress. That’s what happens at Posters on the Hill.

Yearly since 1997, undergraduate researchers representing colleges and universities from states throughout the country have presented their research to members of the United States Congress. These students are selected after a rigorous application review process. Applicants are evaluated on the quality of their research; its interest to a general audience; and a demonstrated ability to effectively describe and explain their research and its significance to both specific and general audiences. Students selected to present posters have conducted research in the natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences, mathematics, engineering, and the arts & humanities.

The Council on Undergraduate Research, whose mission is “to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship,” organizes this annual event. For more information, visit the event page on the Council on Undergraduate Research website.