Margaret A. Lynch

Margaret A. Lynch

Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Advisor
Margaret A. Lynch

Margaret A. Lynch, PhD is the Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Advisor in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Harvard University. She enjoys meeting students and helping them achieve their goals. Margaret also teaches the course "Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in Biotechnology" at the Harvard University Extension School.

Margaret first started university teaching in 1997 and taught and advised students for over a decade as a full-time Lecturer in Biology at Tufts University. She is also an experienced science and medical writer who has researched, developed, and written educational content for middle school and high school students & teachers, physicians, pharmacists, and patients.  Margaret earned a BA in Biology with honors from Williams College and a PhD in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She also conducted postdoctoral research in biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology at the University of California, Davis, and the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. 

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