Leigh Stimolo

Leigh Stimolo

Multimedia Project Manager
Senior Web Developer
Leigh Stimolo

Leigh is a media expert with high definition video production; pre-production and post, titling and animation, web page architecture; development, programming, design and implementation, print design, photo retouching, logo design/development, branding, marketing and still photography.  She designed, programmed and maintains the following life sciences web sites: outreach.mcb.harvard.edu, lifesciences.fas.harvard.edu, cyberbridge.mcb.harvard.edu, biovisions.mcb.harvard.edu. Leigh is also co-chair of the harvard-wide ABCD Video Multimedia Group (VMG) that hosts monthly meetings the last Tuesday of every month for media professionals at Harvard University, vmg.abcd.harvard.edu.

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BioLabs 5028, 16 Divinity Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 496-7093