Anna Babakhanyan

Anna Babakhanyan, Ph.D., MBT

Undergraduate Science Research Advisor

Dr. Babakhanyan received Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the San Jose State University and Ph.D.

16 Divinity Avenue, Room 1087
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-7912
Mahzarin Banaji

Mahzarin Banaji

Psychology Head Tutor (on leave 2015)
Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics

Professor Banaji is happy to set up appointments to speak with students wishing a more in-depth conversation about research or career opportunities.

1520 William James Hall
p: 617-384-9203
Andrew Berry

Andrew Berry

Assistant Head Tutor, Integrative Biology
Lecturer on Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
BioLabs Room 1082B, 16 Divinity Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138
Laura Chivers

Laura Chivers

Advising Administrator for Cognitive Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology

Laura is available to answer questions regarding the concentration, with a special emphasis on  study abroad programs and finding life science-related …

William James Hall
Room 218
p: (617) 496-4874

Melissa Dias

Program Coordinator for Psychology

Melissa is available to answer questions regarding counting courses toward the concentration, concentration requirements, limits on research courses, …

William James Hall, Room 218