Calls for Divestment: A Retrospective

May 27, 2015

While administrators harbored mixed feelings for the anti-apartheid and anti-tobacco movements, on the whole they acknowledged students’ interest in the issues and right to protest respectfully.

From Fighter Pilot Squadron Leader to Congresswoman

May 27, 2015

McSally demonstrated her perseverance not only in her efforts to keep her dreams of flying fighter jets alive, but also in athletic successes that made an impression on those who knew her at Harvard.

Divest Harvard Blockades Mass Hall Again

May 19, 2015

The group blocked entrances to the administrative building for the second time this semester in protest of the appointment of new University Chief Financial Officer Thomas J. Hollister, who is a former oil executive.

68 Undergraduates Win Hoopes Prize

May 13, 2015

The annual grant seeks to award students for “promoting, improving, and enhancing the quality of literary, artistic, musical, scientific, historical, or other academic subject,” according to the Hoopes prize website.

Students Against Malaria Strive To Spread Awareness

May 13, 2015

Although the group must attract the attention and engage the efforts of an often pre-occupied and not always informed student body, members remain unfazed in accomplishing their mission of increasing student awareness of malaria.

Harvard Will Renovate Lowell House in 2017-2018

May 5, 2015

Pending funding approval, planners will begin full construction on Lowell House in the summer of 2017, and administrators hope to finish the project the next summer, in 2018.