Neurobio Requirements

** Please Note** Neurobiology has changed its requirements for all current and future students.

1) Math. The new requirement is to take two Math/Applied Math/Statistics courses, one of which must be at the level of Math 1b or above. This change allows students more flexibility in which upper-level math/statistics skills they develop, while still ensuring a solid foundation in calculus.

2) MCB 80 + 1 Foundational Course. The new requirement is to take MCB 80 AND any ONE of the following courses: OEB 57, MCB 105, MCB 115, or MCB 125 (new course - adapted from MCB 141 Molecular Neurobiology). Students will then take 2 (MBB) or 3 (Neuro Track) additional upper-level Neuro courses of their choice. (Note: extra Foundational Courses may count towards the upper-level requirement).

Feel free to contact Dr. Draft or Dr. Magnotti with questions.