• Movie Night: Could Jurassic Park come true? What about Contagion? Watch a favorite movie and chat with scientists afterwards about what is possible and what is Hollywood fantasy. Movies will be shown in the residential houses. If you have a movie to suggest, contact Marty Samuels or Lisa Fountain.

MCB Movie Night:  Contagion!  September 11th, 2014 @ 6:15 in the Lowell JCR, featuring HPHS Professor Barry Bloom, a leading expert in the areas of infectious diseases, vaccines, and global health, as well as MCB faculty Rich Losick, Susan Mango and Alex Schier.  All are welcome to attend, click here to RSVP. 

  • Dinners: Have dinner with a faculty member and learn what’s new in cell and molecular biology. Or discuss your favorite biology-related topic.  
  • Debate Night: Challenge your friends to a debate about the hottest controversy in the literature. Small groups of students work with a faculty member to choose a paper and argue its strengths and weaknesses. Invite your friends to vote who is most convincing, and win a pound of LA Burdick chocolate. To organize a debate night, contact Marty Samuels.


  • Winter holiday party


  • Winter break breakfast: staying on campus during January? Come sample Lisa’s hot breakfast and a cup of coffee.
  • Study break:  Come enjoy an evening of food and conversation.  If you're a senior putting the finishing touches on your thesis, this is a great opportunity for a much needed break.  For everyone else, it's a great opportunity to hang out with fellow concentrators and support those who are thesis-ing!
  • Show and Tell:  An evenings’ entertainment in which seniors channel their inner artistry to illustrate their thesis work using rap, poetry, dance, song, skits, you name it, while sampling treats from L.A. Burdick. 
  • Senior Celebration: congratulations to senior concentrators!


  • BBQ: all life science concentrators are invited to a summer BBQ.

Student Events Committee:  Want to join a committee of students to help organize concentration events?  Email Marty!