HEB Course List 2016-17

REV 2017-01-17

Human Evolutionary Biology
2016-2017 Course List
Note: courses are subject to change

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• Dr. Carole Hooven, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, hooven@fas.harvard.edu
• Dr. Brenda Frazier, Associate Concentration Advisor, bfrazier@fas.harvard.edu



Course #

Course Name


Meeting Times

Fulfills Area Requirement


HEB 91r

Supervised Reading and Research



research seminar


HEB 99a

Tutorial - Senior Year

Various; Thesis Coordinator is Nick Holowka



HEB 1200

Neanderthals and Other Extinct Humans (limited to 10)

Bridget Alex

Tu Th 1-2:30


HEB 1250

Genetics and Human Evolution (limited to 12)

Amanda Lobell

Th 2-4


HEB 1280

Human Nature (lecture with discussion sections)

Joe Henrich, Richard Wrangham, Alex Rosati

M W F 11-12


HEB 1290

Cultural Evolution: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (limited to 30)

Joe Henrich

M W 2-3:30


HEB 1312

Human Sexuality (limited to 12)

Judith Flynn

Th 2:30-4:30


HEB 1320

Stones, Bones, and the Evolution of Human Behavior

Manuel Dominguez-Rodrigo

Tu Th 10-11:30

HEB 1321

Food, Drink and Energy (limited to 8)

Noreen Tuross, Linda Reynard

M W 11-12

research seminar

HEB 1418

Research Methods in Endocrinology (limited to 8)

Susan Lipson

M W F 11-12

research seminar

HEB 1440

Perceptions of Primates

Lara Durgavich

Th 1-4

HEB 1480

Building the Human Body (a.k.a. Human Evolution through Developmental Change) (limited to 12)

Terry Capellini, Neil Roach

T Th 10-11:30 (plus lab section)

research seminar

HEB 1610

Genes and Human Adaptations (seminar)

Maryellen Ruvolo

W 1-4

LS 2

Life Sciences: Evolutionary Human Physiology and Anatomy

Dan Lieberman, Andy Biewener, George Lauder

M W F 1-2 (plus lab section)


FS 50J

Freshman Seminar: The Exceptional Primate

Manuel Dominguez-Rodrigo

M 2-5

FS 50P

Freshman Seminar: Food, Up Close and Personal

Noreen Tuross

M 2-5



HEB 97

Sophomore Tutorial

Brenda Frazier

Sections arranged


HEB 99b

Tutorial - Senior Year

Various;  Thesis Coordinator is  Nick Holowka



HEB 1210

Research in Comparative Biomechanics (limited to 8)

Neil Roach, Nick Holowka


research seminar

HEB 1235

African Roots: Origins & Dispersals of Modern Humans (seminar)

Bridget Alex, Christian Tryon

Tu 1-3

HEB 1300

Evolutionary Origins of the Human Mind (limited to 20)

Alexandra Rosati

M W 1-2:30


HEB 1310

Hormones and Behavior (lecture with discussion sections)

Carole Hooven

M W 11-12:30


HEB 1313

Stress (limited to 10)

Judith Flynn

Th 2:30-4:30


HEB 1330

Primate Social Behavior (lecture with discussion sections)

Richard Wrangham, Vivek Venkataraman

M, W, F 11-12


HEB 1358

Prove It with Science (limited to 15)

Kate Carter

M 2-5, plus section

research seminar

HEB 1361

Hormones and Life History (lecture with discussion sections)

Peter Ellison, Susan Lipson

M W 1-2:30

HEB 1362

Hunter-Gatherers (seminar)

Vivek Venkataraman

Tu 2-5

HEB 1410

Gut Microbiome and Human Health (limited to 8)

Rachel Carmody

Th 1-4

research seminar

HEB 1419

Lab Methods in Human Evolutionary Biology (limited to 10)

Linda Reynard

W 1-4

research seminar

HEB 1420

Human Evolutionary Anatomy (course w/lab sections)

Katie Zink, Neil Roach

Tu Th 1-2:30


HEB 1424

Evolutionary Medicine (limited to 12)

Lara Durgavich

Th 1-4

HEB 1540

Human Migration (limited to 10)

Noreen Tuross

W 2-4

research seminar

LS 1b

Intro to Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics & Evolution (lecture & lab)


Tu, Th 10-11:30 (plus lab section)


SLS 16

Human Evolution and Human Health (lecture & lab)

Dan Lieberman

Tu, Th 1-2:30