HEB Course List 2015-16

REV 2015-09-01

Human Evolutionary Biology
2015-2016 Course List
Note: courses are subject to change

For advice, contact:
• Dr. Carole Hooven, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, hooven@fas.harvard.edu
• Dr. Brenda Frazier, Associate Concentration Advisor, bfrazier@fas.harvard.edu

Refer to this .pdf for a list of Fall 2015 course classroom locations. Note that, due to ongoing construction in the Anthropology offices on the 5th floor of the Peabody museum, access between the Peabody Museum and Museum of Comparative Zoology wings of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology (HEB) requires a detour through the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (4th Floor of the Geological Museum, 24 Oxford Street). For courses scheduled in MCZ, please use the entrance on 26 Oxford Street to the "Museum of Comparative Zoology/Ernst Mayer Library". For courses scheduled in PM, please use the main PM entrance on 11 Divinity Avenue.


Course #

Course Name


Meeting Times

Fulfills Area Requirement


HEB 91r

Supervised Reading and Research



research seminar


HEB 99a

Tutorial - Senior Year (w/writing skills component)

Lara Durgavich



HEB 1200

Neanderthals and Human Evolutionary Theory (limited to 10)

Tanya Smith

Th 3-5:30


HEB 1290

Cultural Evolution: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (limited to 36)

Joe Henrich, James Robinson, Nathan Nunn

T 9-12


HEB 1312

Human Sexuality: Research and Presentation Seminar (limited to 15)

Judith Flynn

Th 2-4

research seminar

HEB 1321

Food, Drink and Energy (limited to 8)

Noreen Tuross, Linda Reynard

W 2-5

anatomy/physiology; research seminar

HEB 1335

Behavioral Ecology of Chimpanzees (limited to 12)

Zarin Machanda

T 2-5

behavior; research seminar

HEB 1351

Reproductive Ecology

Lara Durgavich

T Th 1-2:30 (plus discussion section)


HEB 1355

Evolution and Religion (limited to 20)

Peter Ellison

M 3-5


HEB 1390

Game Theory and Social Behavior (limited to 30)

Moshe Hoffman, Erez Yoeli

M W F 11-12 (plus discussion section)


HEB 1413

Mechanics of the Human Diet (limited to 12)

Katie Zink

Tu Th 1-2:30

research seminar

HEB 1418

Endocrinology and Behavior: Research Seminar (limited to 8)

Susan Lipson

M W F 11-12 (plus lab section)

research seminar

HEB 1421

Teeth (limited to 6)

Tanya Smith

W 3-5:30

research seminar

HEB 1463

Molecular Evolution of Primates (limited to 12)

Maryellen Ruvolo

Th 1-4

research seminar

HEB 1480

Human Evolution through Developmental Change (limited to 12)

Terry Capellini, Neil Roach

T Th 10-11:30 (plus lab section)

evolution; research seminar

HEB 1540

Human Migration (limited to 10)

Noreen Tuross

Tu 1-3

research seminar

HEB 1562

The Behavioral Biology of Aggression (limited to 16)

Richard Wrangham, Carole Hooven

Tu 1-3:30

behavior; research seminar

LS 2

Life Sciences: Evolutionary Human Physiology and Anatomy

Dan Lieberman, Andy Biewener, George Lauder

M W F 1-2 (plus lab section)



HEB 97

Sophomore Tutorial

Brenda Frazier

Sections arranged


HEB 99b

Tutorial - Senior Year

Lara Durgavich



HEB 1210

Research in Comparative Biomechanics

Dan Lieberman


research seminar

HEB 1300

Evolutionary Origins of the Human Mind

Alexandra Rosati

T Th


HEB 1313

Stress: Research and Presentation Seminar (limited to 15)

Judith Flynn

Th 2-4 or F 2-4

research seminar

HEB 1330

Primate Social Behavior

Richard Wrangham, Zarin Machanda

M, W, F 10-11


HEB 1419

Lab Methods in Human Evolutionary Biology (limited to 10)

Linda Reynard


research seminar

HEB 1420

Human Evolutionary Anatomy

Katie Zink, Neil Roach

Tu Th 1-2:30


HEB 1422

Human Origins in Context

David Pilbeam, John Barry, Zarin Machanda

Tu, Th 10-11:30 (plus lab section)

research seminar

HEB 1451

Primate Functional Genetics and Genomics (limited to 12)

Terry Capellini

T Th 10-11:30 (or T Th 1-2:30)

research seminar

LS 1b

Intro to Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics & Evolution (lecture & lab)

John Wakeley, Pardis Sabeti, Kevin Eggan

Tu, Th 10-11:30 (plus lab section)


SLS 16

Human Evolution and Human Health (lecture course)

Dan Lieberman

Tu, Th 1-2:30